Why use a custom domain name and email addresses

1 juin 2021

Desk with computer and notebook
Desk with computer and notebook

When you are a blogger or have a business, it is important you have a website. Indeed, a website will allow you:
  • Increase your visibility
  • Attract more customers
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • To provide support to your customers
  • To be available at all times.

But it's not enough to just have a website. It is important that it reflects a good image to your audience, and this starts with choosing a personalized domain name.

What is a custom domain name?

A custom domain name is the unique address of your website that is uniquely your own brand. For example, mysite.com instead of mysite.botamp.com.

What are the advantages of a personalized domain name?

Differentiate yourself in front of your target

A personalized domain name makes it easier for you to reach your target market. Your content is no longer lost in the mass but can be easily identified thanks to your brand.

Maintain ownership of your brand

When you have a custom domain name, it is impossible for another person to have the same. This is a great advantage for your business and thus allows you to remain the owner of your brand.

Build a brand image

A personalized domain name improves your brand image. Your business is viewed differently and as a result, its reputation grows.

Be more credible

When your domain name is personalized, you are more credible in the eyes of your visitors and subscribers. Your business automatically seems more serious and more professional. The subdomains offered by the free versions of the site-building tools do not do you justice with your subscribers.

Improve SEO

A custom domain name has an impact on how your site appears on search engine pages. It indeed reflects your activity and allows indexing robots to include your site in the first pages.

Some tips for choosing the right domain name

Your choice should:
  • Reflect your theme
  • Be easily remembered
  • Avoid numbers, special characters, and lengthy names

Botamp offers you the possibility of having a personalized domain name for your website and provides you with all the necessary resources to propel your business towards successful results.

You can easily stay in touch with your followers and build a great relationship. For this, you need a professional email address.

A professional email address joins your domain name and is in the form [email protected].

3 advantages of professional emails

Strengthen your brand image

Addresses with the extension gmail.com or yahoo.fr are similar to non-personalized domains. They discredit your brand and make you look like a beginner or a novice.

Own your emails

You have full access to your email with no risk of loss, as with Gmail and Yahoo services.

Avoid the "Spam" folder

When you send emails to your subscribers, there is no guarantee that they will see them. Indeed, it can happen that your messages end up directly in the Spam folder, which negates your chances of being read by your audience.

As much as a custom domain and a professional email address are essential for your business; These two elements strengthen the credibility of your brand and give you access to many advantages.

Botamp allows you to strengthen your brand image and stay close to your customers by providing you with a professional email address and a personalized domain. Add a personalized domain name to your Botamp site now by going Pro!

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