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I have increased my brand's visibility thanks to the tips and tricks I share on my blog. Botamp allows me to manage my blog and market my products.

Botamp allowed me to express my inner genius in a short period of time and gain visibility. I highly recommend it.

Zinsou Marcellin
Facile les maths
I used the services of a web designer to get started with Botamp but then I was able to pick up the tool easily even though I'm not very good with computers. Botamp's promoters will never leave you on your own to achieve your goals and are available almost automatically when needed.
I recommend Botamp for its ease of use. I was able to create the sales page for my business myself! It was easy to get started and if I had any problems, the support was immediately available to help me solve them.
Widad Mounirou
I am a person who is interested in everything related to Africa. Botamp has impressed me since the day I learned that it was developed by Africans. It is very easy to use and offers a lot of possibilities to customize your blog, even in free mode. Thanks to Botamp, I was able to bring my blog project to life and I recommend it everywhere.
- Lumexia  
Botamp has an easy to use interface, and offers a breadth of possibilities that I don't want to waste my time looking elsewhere😊.
With Botamp, I love the flexibility I have to create my site and to edit it as I want. It's so easy to use.
Sandra Dossa
Code de mères
I will give Botamp 15/10! I recommend it every time I get the chance. It's very easy to create a website with. Plus, if I run into any problems, I can count on the customer service support. I had started my website with WordPress but when I found out about Botamp, I quickly switched: it's simpler and it's Made in Africa.
The website I am building with Botamp is well within my expectations. My firm's website is well referenced on search engines despite the fact that we have not subscribed to a paid subscription yet. I'm planning to transfer the dozens of websites already designed with other CMS to Botamp thanks to the simplicity and the sub-hosting.

My website is very promising. In a couple of weeks, I had plenty of visits and leads. I don't even use all Botamp tools yet!

- Sabik Gbadamassi

I get new opportunities and privileges almost every week thanks to Botamp. My websites are bringing in new revenue every week without me even lifting a finger. The customer service is always available for us and I'm happy with the new features that arrive every week.
François Xavier A.
Je suis François

I only use the free version of Botamp, yet I have gained visibility and credibility with my international clients. My website is well referenced and this attracts new customers to me.

Francine Gandaho
Marque Houefa

I like the style that Botamp uses. I get tips regularly that help me, as a hobbyist, improve my website. Keep on amazing us and adding options to the site.


My website, created with Botamp, has exceeded my expectations. Just a few days after launch, I already had customers from several countries.
Victoria Kougnimon
Sikka Finances

Botamp has solved a big problem for me. It's very simple to use, even on mobile. It takes far less time to manage than other similar solutions.

Tariq Notes 

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