7 tips for writing a newsletter that converts

1 juin 2021

A newsletter is a one-off message that you send to your subscribers. It contains different types of information: new publications, exclusives, unique offers...

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The newsletter is at the heart of your e-mailing because it is a great strategy to encourage your subscribers to take specific actions. Not many people will return to your site, so it is important to opt for email marketing to maintain a connection between your readers and you.

Getting people to notice your emails, open your emails, click on your email content, and respond to your emails is a tricky task.

Here are 7 tips you should use with your newsletters

1. Give people a reason to read you

For you to get conversions in the first place, you need to have an active list of email subscribers. The best way to do this is to give them a great reason to participate. Don't just say “sign up for our newsletter”.

It is not at all attractive. You will need to provide a reason for people to leave their email to you and for that, you need to offer them something. It could be a 7 day free trial of your product, a free eBook, or free training.

Get off the beaten track.

2. Define your goal and stick to it.

What is the purpose of your newsletter? Before you start writing, you will need to define the goal you want to accomplish with the newsletter. It can be to:

  • boost sales
  • increase social media presence
  • download an e-book
  • drive traffic to a landing page
  • promote a new product or service

3. Encourage your prospects to open your emails

If the prospect doesn't open your email, nothing can be done. Personalize your message so that your prospect feels involved. You could use his first name to call him out, for example.

If your email is similar to the other 1,000 he receives, chances are he won't read yours. So stand out.

4. Put the package right on your item

To have a better chance of getting your message read, you need to write your subject line in a way that piques your prospect's curiosity. Here are some of the powerful words you can use:

  • unbelievable
  • breathtaking
  • Astonishing

  • urgent
  • breaking up
  • important
  • alert

5. Take care of your title

It may happen that some prospects see your email title first instead of the subject line. It is therefore important not to rush this step. Write compelling headlines that grab the attention of your prospects.

This article on how to write compelling headlines could help you with your headline writing.

6. Show the value of your product

It is not enough just to present your product as the most exceptional and the most sensational. People want a product that makes their life easier or even a product that can change their life.

Do not overload your reader with superfluous information. Remember, the point here is to grab their attention and make a connection. 

7. Be consistent in your messages

When people subscribe to your newsletter, they expect to hear from you regularly. Make sure to deliver the newsletter to your subscribers as promised. 

Do not use this channel to pass secondary or unimportant information.
Your newsletters are an effective way to communicate and market your products to your subscribers. 
If you write them correctly, you will see higher conversion rates.

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