How to write titles that catch the attention of your visitors?

June 01, 2021

Titles that catch the attention of your visitors
Titles that catch the attention of your visitors

The title of your article greatly influences your readers; on the net, 8 out of 10 people read the title of your article but only 2 will click to read more. So how to write titles that catch the attention of your visitors?
No matter how good your content is, if your title doesn't catch, your article won't be read.
Thus, in addition to attracting more readers to you, a relevant title facilitates indexing on Google. This will make it more likely to find yourself in the first Google search pages.

How to write a good title?

According to Chip and Dan Heath, authors of These Ideas That Stick, there are six principles that are the basis of any successful idea and therefore of a successful title:

The first value of your title is simplicity. Don't try to do too much. Go straight to the point. This allows the reader to know what they are getting into and already provides an answer to their question.

The surprise
The human brain is confronted with all kinds of content on a daily basis. It is therefore often with a nonchalance that the reader continuously scrolls through their flow of articles. Creating a surprise causes an alert reaction in your reader's brain. This prompts them to click on your title and read the article.

The concrete
The concreteness attests to the validity of what you are going to say. The reader knows where you are going and has no trouble following you. The concrete brings an answer to your reader. You don't make wild promises. The wording of your title is concise.

Being credible is an essential point if you intend to earn the trust of your readers. Indeed, we will not find cosmetic products on your car website.

To interest readers, touch their sensitive cord. Arouse in them a desire to know more, a desire to understand the why and how. If you touch them in the heart, they will religiously read your article.

The Story
Tell a story. At least start doing it because a title must remain short. A story is one more way to arouse the interest of your readership. He will thus seek to know more.

Your title must have one of these characteristics so that you can catch your reader's attention. The question: how to write a title that catches the attention of visitors is a real headache for bloggers. Here are some tips to help you.

7 tips to help you write better titles.

  • A short title
Do not exceed 65 characters when writing your title. Otherwise, Google will remove the surplus and your portion of the title may be misunderstood by the player. The ideal size is 6 words.

  • Include your audience
Your targeted readers are much more excited when the title is addressed to them. So use the words "you" and "your" more often.

  • Use numbers
Experience has shown that numbers encourage much more clicks than any other form of content. Do not hesitate to use it.

  • Use adjectives
Adjectives increase the scope of your title and arouse curiosity among the reader. Using adjectives like impressive, unique, essential... will push your reader to click on your title more.

  • Be specific
Specificity helps you to be more concrete in the formulation of your title. Use names, descriptions... This makes your article more concrete.

  • Ask questions
Questions challenge your readers. Asking a question prompts a reader to click in order to get the answer. So use this expression often in your title.

  • The promise
Making a promise in your title greatly encourages the reader to click. He believes in you and expects your content to bring the presented result. So try not to give empty. You risk losing the confidence of your readers.

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Take time to write the titles of your articles. It is the title that will make or break the reader's interest in reading your article. So spend some time writing it. A good title does not exempt you from writing good content. Always write good articles. Here are our tips on how to write titles that catch the attention of your visitors. Put them into practice to increase the audience on your blog.

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