5 practical tips to follow to captivate your readers

June 01, 2021

To captivate your readers, you have to find a way to offer quality content. Your audience should know what you are talking about a minute while reading your article, we share 7 practical tips to improve the quality of your blog posts and further engage your readers.

1- Write on a subject that interests you and/or fascinates you

Writing articles can be a burden unless you are passionate/interested in the topicSo, first and foremost, choose a topic that speaks to you.

Don't just pick a topic that “works”. Instead, choose a topic that is essential to you. So, in the long run, writing on it will not discourage you.

2- address your audience

When writing a blog post, don't adopt an impersonal tone. The reader may not care about what you say.

Do this exercise beforehand: Define your target audience, age group, habits, functions, ... This will help you create a prototype of your ideal target and thus take a tone that suits them.

3- Write a catchy title

The title is the first thing your reader comes in contact with. The title of your article will determine whether or not your audience will click on your article.

Write a headline that captivates your readers and to do so here are some tips:

  • Take your time when writing and don't rush the title
  • Avoid writing a title that is too short or too long. Find the happy medium (8-12 words)
  • Formulate your titles in the form of questions (Why? How?)
  • Write lists (5 ways to ...)

To learn more, you can read this article which shares tips on how to write your headlines well.

4- Solve a specific problem
Don't write your articles just for the sake of filling spaces or to keep up with your rigid calendar. Each of your posts should address a specific problem your audience is facing. Each article should add value to your audience so they will be eager to read it.

Your article will be all the more interesting to read if it meets the expectations of your audience and provides them with an effective solution to a given problem.

5- Think about SEO (but sparingly)

When you start thinking about SEO, you may forget or drift away from the original goal: Bringing value to your readers. You write for them first. For your readers. And if you are obsessed with SEO, your text may not be appreciated by your readers.
Here are some tips to help you:

  • Don't stuff your article with keywords, for example. You don't want them to be found in every paragraph or, worse, in every sentence
  • Don't write only about popular topics
  • Care about your readers

In the end, this list could help you re-orient your editorial line and offer better content to your audience.

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