3 tips you need to make more sales

1 juin 2021

How to attract people to your content? How do you get people to use your solution instead of another? How to get your sales off the ground?


These are questions that you are certainly asking yourself. Beyond offering a product that meets the needs of your customer, it is necessary to look into less glaring details but which will make the difference.

Because defining your target and finding the right product isn't enough, you need to focus on the little details that will make the difference.

In this article, we'll share 3 tips that will help you attract more visitors and turn them into customers.

1- Highlight the problem of your target

What is the solution you bring to your target? Beyond the fact that your product is great, multifunctional, ... What does your target gain with your product? When you've answered this question, put your answer first.

People are looking for your product or service because you are offering a solution to their problem. If you can clearly identify their problem and represent the solution as well as the benefit in the title, then there is a good chance that you can increase your sales.

When presenting your product, don't present it as the product of the century that will revolutionize people's lives (even if it is). 

Instead, tell people what they would gain from using your product. What does your product offer them? What is the problem that your product solves?

To give you an example, you can use the Botamp home page which calls out with this sentence: Create a website and professional email campaigns in 10 mins.

The problem is defined and it is the solution provided. Do the same when you present your products or services.

2- Write testimonials

When one of your customers uses and enjoys your product, tell the world. There is no better advertising for your brand than customer feedback.

Consider writing an article for each feedback if possible, to show your audience that your product is really beneficial and convince the most skeptical.

Spark the attention of your readers towards these testimonials with catchy headlines. You can follow the recommendations in this article to improve the quality of your titles.

3- Offer a free trial

Most people like free things. And even more, people prefer not to take a risk when it comes to a newly released product.
That's because people don't want to commit to anything they don't know much about. By reducing their commitment with free trials, you can attract more people and hopefully convert more of them into one-time customers.
If your product or service doesn't offer a free trial, you can also opt for price reductions, a guarantee, personalized follow-up, ... It's up to you.

Find the right way to present and talk about your product to those around you in order to spark their interest and boost your sales.
This is what will make the difference and will know how to get you out of the crowd.

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