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How to get the right audience for your website

Once you know what you want users to do on your site, you need to figure out who those users are. It is essential to clearly identify the target audience for your website when planni…

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How to define the unique selling proposition of your website

What is a unique selling proposition?A Unique Selling Proposition also called a unique selling point or USP is something special that makes your brand, product, or service different and…

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5 books to read absolutely when you are an entrepreneur

Library When you have a business or just a business project, its growth is one of your first concerns.How to develop your business? How to deal with the customer…

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How to plan the content of your website

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, blogger, or small business owner, having a website is a must in today's society. Particularly in these times when more and more customers are turn…

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Why use a custom domain name and email addresses

Desk with computer and notebook When you are a blogger or have a business, it is important you have a website. Indeed, a website will allow you:Increase your visibilityAttrac…

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Why use Botamp?

Offer your services and products onlineThe advent of the Internet has revolutionized the world. New industries and methods have developed to help us successfully complete our projects.Thus, it is esse…

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