How to have a fast website that retains your visitors?

June 01, 2021

How to have a fast website
How to have a fast website

When creating a website, your main concern is the comfort of your visitors. Because the better they feel, the longer they stay and so you increase your chances of turning them into customers. The first thing that catches the attention of a new visitor is the speed of your website. If you don't have a fast website, it will just look elsewhere.

Indeed, 53% of visitors to a website leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to display.
That's a really impressive percentage. Because no matter how good your content is, if your website is slow, your visitor won't have time to see it.

If you are not sure, or rather if you want to find out, you can check your site's load time with Google's PageSpeed ​​Insights tool.

Several reasons can explain the slowness of your site. Here are the four main ones:

The theme of your website

The theme of your website is the first choice you are faced with and it is also essential because it is what dresses your site, which gives it a nice build. We are quickly tempted to take the most beautiful theme, the one with the most options possible. In other words, we want a theme that thrills! But a theme that is too loaded is often a very heavy theme. And this weight is not always compatible with a fast website.

The weight of your images

Better quality, high resolution, images are probably the reason your site struggles to load in 3 seconds. Indeed, in high resolution, your image can quickly end up at 4, 8, or even much more MB. And if there are many on your site, and if each one has to take the time to load, well it's a bad start for you. The user will already be gone before a single image has loaded.

The animations

How many times have we heard that animation makes a website more dynamic? 
Slideshows or videos are animations that always amuse the reader. Well,… if he's still here to see them of course. The amount of waiting on YouTube or Dailymotion is not the same as on an ordinary website. A video of barely five minutes can quickly weigh 25MB or even more because we think of putting the best quality (nobody likes low-quality videos that damage the eyes). And a website with one or more videos, and slideshows, is an extremely heavy website. So this is the third obstacle to your idea of creating a fast website.


Your hosting can also hamper the loading speed of your website.
There are two types of web hosting: dedicated hosting and shared hosting.
With dedicated hosting, you have space all to yourself. It's like renting out an entirely empty building, obviously with you as the sole resident. You have the space to do whatever you want. But, it is the most expensive.
And there is shared hosting where you share a space with others. Like renting a room in a house (common yard). Your living space can quickly be trampled and if you have great ambitions well you will be served.

Tips for having a fast website

Tips for having a fast website
Luckily there are alternatives to all of this. 
Is your website slow? Here are some tips for having a fast website.

Choose a minimalist theme

The most beautiful themes are not exclusively those with the most options, let alone those that display multiple animations. A minimalist theme can bring all of these elements together but with added speed. It is a type of theme with a modern, understated but still elegant design that has the chic to give your business a professional image. It is clean and charges very quickly. So be sure to check all these features before choosing your theme.
Botamp, for example, only offers minimalist themes that best present any of your projects and which are very fast.

Compress your images

A beautiful image always gives your site a unique style. It is bad because is very heavy but necessary because it makes your site more attractive. There is only one solution for this; compress the size of these images. 
It may sound a lot tedious, but it has to be if you want to retain your visitors and potentially turn them into future customers.
There are several free tools that can effectively help you with this task. 
Quick tip: Do this for several images at the same time. It's easier than one image at a time.
So we have Imagify which is a great tool to compress your images without altering their quality. 
Little tip: Consider creating a free account on the site. This increases your image storage time.
There are also TinyJng or Kraken which do the job well. It's up to you to see which one is right for you.
However, if this task remains tedious for you, consider turning to BotampAll your images are automatically compressed. No need to go through a third-party service.

Choose better hosting

So yes, not everyone has the budget for dedicated hosting or major projects and we could easily resolve to opt for shared hosting but ... be on your guard. Always remember to check the price plans, offers, and services offered to you. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you do not fully understand what you are being told and if in doubt do not.
Moreover, with Botamp , customer service will always be at your disposal in case of doubts and/or misunderstandings.

Forget the animations

Whatever may be said, animations, videos, slideshows are large files that do not allow you to have a fast websiteBefore uploading an animation, ask yourself the right questions: Is it absolutely necessary? Am I ready to slow down my site for animation?
Only then will you know what to do.

The loading time of your site is of real importance. Do not take this lightly, especially as a site that loads quickly is always better referenced. Google always favors the fastest websites and they are the only first-page ones.
So, efficiently optimize your website. Your readers will be won over.

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