How to define the unique selling proposition of your website

June 01, 2021

What is a unique selling proposition?

A Unique Selling Proposition also called a unique selling point or USP is something special that makes your brand, product, or service different and better than your competition. It explains the selling points that drive prospects to take action and become customers. It grabs the attention of your ideal customers and is the reason they choose you, and not others.

You need to know your USP when planning a website because your entire site will be built around your unique selling propositions. All of your sales copy and content will be positioned to subtly (and sometimes less subtly) promote your USP and entice website visitors to buy from your brand.

How to develop your unique selling proposition?

To develop your unique selling proposition, think about your brand, products, and services and answer the following questions:

  • How are you different from your competition?
  • Why is this difference important to customers?
  • What specific advantage do customers get by choosing you over the competition?
  • Why is this benefit important to customers?

Do not rush into this exercise. The things that immediately spring to mind may be too obvious. Spend time digging into how your offers really help your customers and solve their problems.

Tips for finding your USP

If you are having trouble identifying your unique selling proposition, use the following tips to get you started.

  • Think about what your customer's value and how you are helping them achieve those things.
  • Think about your customers' problems and how you are helping to solve them.
  • Consider the unique strengths your brand brings to the table.
  • Analyze your competition to see how you can differentiate your brand.

Remember that unique selling propositions are not specific to e-commerce sites and service-oriented businesses. If you are a blogger, you are probably "selling" information and want to establish yourself as a thought leader. The above questions still apply - what do you do to stand out from the crowd?


  • Find 3 words that define your business
  • Find out how you are different from your competition
  • Find the specific benefit customers get by choosing your brand
  • Write your unique selling proposition

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