How can you get more traffic to your website through social media sharing?

June 01, 2021

Social networks
Social networks

Social media can help you get more traffic to your websiteIndeed, when the shares are important you can easily reach many more people and your organic traffic is strengthened.
We will see in this article how social networks can help you gain more traffic.

1. Write articles worth sharing

The key is quality. This is the first essential step that you must complete before expecting any return. People will only share your article if it is qualitative.

Discuss the topics you develop on your blog appropriately. Do your research before any writing and write your articles from a different point of view than the popular mass.

2. Insert share buttons in your blog posts

When you publish an article on a blog, it is essential to include the various social network sharing buttons such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Share buttons allow you to get more visitors to your post. When you reach a certain number of shares on social media, people find it easier to give credit to you. The more they believe in you, the more visitors you have on your post and thus increase your chances of getting more visitors to your website.

Don't put your links at the end of the article because many of your readers don't read to the end. Also, don't do this at the beginning because they haven't seen the content of the article yet. Instead, consider inserting your bar on the left or right of your articles. It remains in your target's view throughout the reading process.

3. Encourage your visitors to share your article

Very few visitors instantly share your articles after reading them. Some people think they have done it when they haven't. Others do not see the point or find the task too tedious. Remind them of that. You just have to put at the beginning of the article, a message of this style:

Remember to share this article after reading it. It's always a pleasure.

After reading, the reader is thus led to share the article. Encourage yours to do the same too.

4. Benefit from the audience of celebrities in your field

When you first start blogging, there are other people in your area or industry who have been blogging before you. These people are like "stars" with their thousands of subscribers and their large audience on social networks.

In order to get a boost from these people, consider interviewing them, asking them for advice, or practicing one of the techniques they recommend.

You will get them to share your content and your audience will grow faster. A good strategy to get more traffic to your website through social media sharing.

5. One article = one problem solved

Always try to solve a problem when writing. This way you bring more value to your target and to thank you, they will share your article.

So, write your articles according to the problems of your target. Solve them with quality content and talk about it around you.

The different shares of your articles, in addition to bringing you credibility and reputation, will help you get better positioning in the search engine results pages. By applying all the tips we have just given, you will see that it is not very complicated to get more traffic to your website through social media shares.

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