5 books to read absolutely when you are an entrepreneur

June 01, 2021


When you have a business or just a business project, its growth is one of your first concerns.

How to develop your business? How to deal with the customers? How to identify consumers?
So many questions that regularly torment your mind.

In this article, we have listed 5 books that can help you ask yourself the right questions to find some answers and solutions.

1-These ideas that stick

These ideas that stick

Written by two authors Chip Heath and Dan Heath, These Ideas That Stick is a book to help you write your content.

It deciphers the messages and how they work. Why are consumers more receptive to one particular message and not another? In this book, the authors analyze 6 principles to apply to his idea so that it is adopted by the masses.

- The simplicity
- Unexpected
- The concrete
- Credibility
- The emotion
- The story

2- The Purple Cow

The Purple Cow
The Purple Cow is a book by Seth Godin that reveals marketing techniques to be original and stand out. The author bases each concept on case studies.
It explains how a particular brand or company tackled a given problem and how it could be beneficial in your field.

3- Rework

Rework - Succeed differently: Entrepreneurs, self-employed, bosses or employees is written by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, both founders of 37 Signals. In this book, they share their convictions, rants, enthusiasm, and the secrets of their success!
The book allows you to ask the right questions and helps you to get to the essentials by moving away from futile actions.

4- Influence and manipulation

Influence and manipulation
A basic psychology book, Robert Cialdini's book explains why and in what ways people are led to take actions sometimes against their will.

The various elements of this book are essential for understanding consumer behavior and thus allows better segmentation of its target and better refinement of the message.

5- Start with the Why

Start with the Why
Why are you doing what you are doing? What motivates you? What is your goal?

In this book, Simon Sinek invites us to focus on the raison d'être of what we do because that is what consumers identify with before thinking about the products on offer.

So here is a small selection that will provide you with the answers you need for your business.


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