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Kusoma Uses Botamp For Customer Engagement And Messaging

Doing our marketing on Facebook Messenger via Botamp is more efficient for us than email marketing. Our main user acquisition channel is social media and very few of our customers use email regularly. Before Botamp, it was time consuming to communicate with our customers on Facebook.
Ibuka Ndjoli, Founder and CEO


Madina Tapsoba Used Botamp to Launch a New Service

Botamp allowed me to create my business and make it profitable starting from a simple Facebook page. By increasing my contacts list and sending them mini-courses, I was able to establish my authority and knowledge and to make them interested in my services. At the end of the course, I offered paid ebooks and made several sales in less than a week.
Madina Tapsoba, Académie des Couples Heureux


Ukaly Uses Botamp to Optimize Its Marketing Campaigns

After we started using Botamp, our communication budget has decreased by about 30% and our revenue increased by about 27% in just 3 months. The human touch brought by Botamp to our sales process allowed us to transform our Facebook Messenger into a sales machine.
Fatims Coulibaly, Founder and CEO


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