Doing Messenger Marketing Has Never Been Easier or More Efficient

Setup a reliable and efficient marketing system that helps you connect deeply with your audience, deliver highly-converting messages and increase your revenue massively, while keeping you free to do what you love.

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Get on average 70% open rates with broadcasts

Stop struggling to get people to open your emails. Messager marketing allows more personalization and engagement with an average read rate greater than 70% compared to less than 20% open rate for email.

Segment your contacts by their behaviour and reduce ads cost

Tired of lengthy sales funnels that take weeks to generate sales from your advertising efforts? Collect useful data from your customers behaviour. Filter and segment your audience based on any criteria and send them targeted messages at no cost.

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Automate your Messenger interactions

Amazing and authentic customer relationships have never been more important to convert your prospects and retain your audience. Launch campaigns and personalized sequences triggered by your audience most meaningful actions, effortlessly guiding them to the bottom of your funnel.

Grow your audience with landing pages and CTA

Overwhelmed at the thought of creating highly converting landing pages and CTA? With our Optin feature, craft your message, format, design and share copies that will trigger relevant actions from your prospects.

Connect your website and your favorite apps

Become a ninja of cross-channel personalized and amazing customer experiences. Easily connect all your existing technology with our API to deliver smooth and incredible journeys to your customers and achieve extraordinary results.

Work with us to implement the best Messenger marketing strategy

Botamp aims to empower you and your team to offer your clients the most engaging customers experiences without breaking a sweat. Engage with them from anywhere and at the moments that matter, using our mobile technology.

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Increase your sales with personalized automated messages

Your prospects are seeking genuine and unique experiences. Place them at the heart of your marketing by sending them messages relevant to their position in the buyer journey, converting them into true leads and building lasting relationships.

Get realtime insights into your performance

As an entrepreneur or marketing executive it is essential to access your campaigns performance data and analyze them to maximize your ROI and push your marketing efforts to the next step. With Botamp analytic tools, optimize your marketing campaigns effortlessly to get significant performance.

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